We manufacture tailor-made silencers tested for impermeability and back-pressure. Our designers adapt elegantly the geometry to the available construction space.

Design is based on the space envelope and technical datasheet of the OEM. Tests are focused specifically on three performance variables:

Reduction of sound and heat
Sound level is measured on the muffler at a 15-25 decibel scale (dBA) with the help of a simulation application. Typical mufflers use pipes, baffles, expansion chambers and insulation material.

The lower is the backpressure, the more efficient is the engine performance. It is the main indicator of horsepower and fuel economy. Backpressure is the force necessary to flow gasses through the exhaust system, or the resistance to exhaust flow.

Position, mounting supports, weight, and material type are the key components to the configuration. Friction, momentum effects, expansion, contraction elbows and velocity head loss at the outlet are important system considerations.

Materials of exhaust parts are of ultimate and certified quality, resistant to corrosion and temperature to ensure a long life. Our competence includes all processes of manufacturing.

Materials we use are:

  • CRS – ST series: Low Carbon Cold Rolled Steel is commonly used for parts that are not exposed to corrosive acids

  • ALM – DX series: Aluminum coated steel provides galvanic protection against corrosion with a thin layer of aluminum

  • SS series: mostly 304 and 409 stainless steel for diesel heavy-duty applications under high stresses and temperatures.

We use materials of the highest quality which can withstand extreme stress.

Various surface treatments are offered: etching, powder and heat-resistant coating, galvanization, and sandblasting, insulation with textile or stainless steel are applied in various applications.

R&D department uses a simulation program for fluid mechanics, 3D measuring and test devices at a sensitivity of 0,001 mm.

Our quality standards in TIG & MIG welding, external insulation, and CNC-based pipe bending processes are 100% controlled.

Instead of having a communication with no commitment, our expert engineers handle each project with the greatest care and guide you at every step.