USO Otomotiv, is a mid-size and family-owned manufacturer of exhaust and pipe systems since 1972 at its production facility settled on 8000 m2.

Our experience in Turkey and Europe enables us to develop and produce mufflers and processed pipes with flexibles and insulation for fuel, gas, and air flows according to the requirements of our customers.

Industries we serve are:

Agricultural Machinery
Defense Industry

Heavy-Duty Machinery
Transportation by UAV
On-Road Vehicles
Heating Equipment

Brands we work with are:

Our difference lies in the robust products we manufacture and our competent customer service.

To create value for you, we bring and implement tailored solutions from prototypes to serial production.

We strive to do the right thing every day.

Our main code of conduct is to provide a clear understanding of our uncompromising values and expectations in regard to our business relationships, practices and operations.

MD – Business
Mustafa Cambazoglu
MD- Production
Mehmet Kayasoken